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Chief Knowledge Officers (CKOs) are C-suite executives responsible for a company’s overall knowledge management. They manage a company’s intellectual property, monitor the maintenance of domestic intelligence gathering tools, and train employees in knowledge-sharing systems. It is a relatively new job role and is gaining momentum in industries to keep track of their proprietary knowledge. CKOs often collaborate with CIOs and CTOs to manage infrastructure and database creation.

If you want to market technology products, project management tools, content management systems, or anything that suits a CKO’s needs, then eSalesData’s CKO email list supports reaching them directly. The CKO email database is reliable, responsive, and insightful for a marketer to execute impactful marketing campaigns.

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Get the CKO mailing list customized to enhance marketing productivity

All our data offer maximum accuracy and can be customized to send targeted marketing messages. Using the comprehensive set of information we provide, marketers can successfully reach CKOs without any hassle. eSalesData’s CKO mailing list provides complete multi-channel marketing information such as:

Keep the CKO contact address highly responsive for effective marketing

Our experienced data team and marketing professionals regularly verify and update the CKO contact address using modern technologies. The CKO email list generated ensures you connect with the relevant clients from any part of the world. At eSalesData, we help you reach Chief Knowledge Officers from the US, UK, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa and achieve better conversions with higher ROI.

At eSalesData, we are dedicated to providing you with the best marketing data to boost the revenue generation. Our CKO email database has been developed keeping in mind the growing demand for quality data to reach decision-makers like C-level executives. All the data stored in the CKO mailing list is from genuine and trusted sources, including:

In addition, the CKO contact addresses are segmented in our database for marketers to tailor their list based on the marketing requirements. As a result of our expertise and experience in the field, we offer you verified and up-to-date database.

What makes the CKO mailing list exceptional?

The CKO mailing list is significant because it enables you to connect thousands of CKOs with active contact information. It is a potent tool to plan and implement data-driven marketing programs and accomplish desired business goals. eSalesData’s CKO contact address lets you send creative, personalized marketing emails to their inboxes and generate abundant leads. Every three months, the data research team subjects the CKO email list to a strict verification process using software tools, such as Millionverifier and Zerobounce, to validate the data. Boost sales performance and incentivize the marketing efforts through error-free contact data.

Some of the salient features of a CKO email database include:

Well-researched and verified data
Increased rate of response and ROI
95% deliverability rate
CAN-SPAM compliant and USPS verified

We also conduct other validations to maintain consistent data accuracy:

Industries actively seeking the CKO Email List

Almost all commercial enterprises employ a Chief Knowledge Officer, from small businesses to start-up companies to multi-national corporations. So having a trusted CKO email list helps boost your sales performance and marketing ventures. Some industries that compete to get their hands on our CKO Email Database include:

We offer comprehensive data that drives your sales, fast-tracks your response rate, and improves your conversion rate by sending out personalized campaign messages. You can connect with them via direct mail, direct-dial numbers, emails, etc.

Why Buy the CKO email list from eSalesData?

Verified list of B2B contacts
Much higher response rate and increased ROI
Genuine data sources
Comprehensive and updated email and mailing addresses
Multichannel campaign support with targeted data
Services tailored as per your requirements

Connect with eSalesData to find suitable CKO email databases

We endeavor to provide the best mailing lists in the market and ensure success and growth for long-term and short-term business ventures. eSalesData is known best for its data quality. A dedicated team of researchers and market analysts work hard to ensure the database is verified and validated before offering it to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Industries that use the CKO mailing list include Law Firms and Legal Services, Software Servicing Companies, the Metal and Chemical Industry, Food and Beverage Industry, IT Companies, and more.

The CKO contact address is organized through a series of steps:

  • Data collection from authentic sources
  • Manual and automated data assembling
  • Stringent analysis
  • Regular update to the database
  • Data delivery to clients

We collect the data from authentic and reliable sources, such as Company Websites, Public Records, Corporate Events, Conferences and Seminars, Online Feedback and Survey Forms, Business Catalogues, Social Media Profiles, Trade Shows, and others.


Once you place the order with us, the tailor-made mailing lists will be delivered to the registered email id in XLS, CSV, and Text formats within minutes. You can download and use them at your convenience.


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